2014: An Extraordinary Year


What a fantastic year it has been for me!  Following my passion for the arts is starting to yield glorious fruit.  There are too many blessings to name,  but in the area of interviews I must mention my interviews for WL with Deborah F. Rutter, the new President of The Kennedy Center, ap.de.ap of The Black Eyed Peas, Julian Wachner and Arvind Manocha  CEO of Wolf Trap.  Serving on the board for the Coalition for African Americans,  I was able to share in the accomplishments of the organization’s 10th year anniversary, with rising bass Soloman Howard at the center of the celebration.  Many thanks and congrats to my dear friend Terri Allen!

Serving as moderator at The Colour of Music Festival in Charleston, SC was extraordinary and I am thankful to Lee Pringle for his vision and Maestro Marlon Daniel for his remarkable talent and leadership.

My travels also took me to Memphis with one of my best friends Tony McNeill as we celebrated 25 years of music ministry with our friend  Dr. Leo Davis. 

Richard Smallwood is one that I admire greatly and it was wonderful to attend his live recording. Celebrating the glories of Choral Music this summer at the Chorus America convention, two great conductors Scott Tucker and Julian Wachner made history as their choirs (TWC and CAS) joined forces for the first time on stage at The Kennedy Center.  Making new friends and establishing new allies has been integral this year. Shout out to Jenny Bilfield (President, WPAS) and Joseph Otim (Otim PR Group) Kevin Thompson stepped out of the hometown shadows onto the world stage spotlight in his unexpected début at The Kennedy Center in Beethoven’s “Missa Solemnis.”

Renèe Fleming:  Having the opportunity to meet her again, having interviewed her two years ago.  What a divine and gracious artist!

2015 is going to be monumental!


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