The Scrooge of WMATA

On Christmas Day 2014, I had quite a disheartening experience with the DC Metro Bus C4 bound towards PG Plaza Metro.

Washington Metro Transit Association

Dear Sir or Madame,

Generally speaking, I have turned a blind eye to the rude, inconsiderate treatment that I have witnessed rendered to others on your DC Metro Buses and Metro Trains. However, this time I can not turn an blind eye, because that same extreme level of inhumane behavior was experienced by me personally on December 25, 2014, of all days, Christmas Day.

Around 7:20-7:30 a.m., I was approaching the Drexel-Riggs Rd. bus stop to take the C4 bus (I do believe it was #7245) headed towards PG Metro Station. I was just a few steps away from the bus and so I incessantly yelled out for the bus driver to please wait. My hands were full with my luggage and gifts, as I was headed home to be with my family for Christmas Day. As soon as I got to the bus, the driver pulled off. In my attempt to get his attention, I reached for the bus to tap the window, only to lose my balance, fall nearly under the bus, ripping my pants.


After finally opening the bus door and ‘allowing’ me to get on the bus, instead of his first question being “Sir are you ok?” The driver proceeded to verbally humiliate me in front of the entire bus. His tone and demeanor was less than civil and it was so disheartening for me to experience such a lack of consideration on a day that is supposed to be full of happiness, comfort and joy. No, I was not totally right for running after the bus, but had I missed the bus, there would have not been another for some time, and I would have missed my train headed from Union Station to visit my family out of state.

I do hope that you will take the time to personally address this incident. Sadly, I became one of the meaningless, faceless people that I see mistreated on a daily basis. Not everyone who rides the transit or make use of public transportation are destitute, poor or wandering aimlessly through life. Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respesct. If you are going to allow a person such as the driver that I have describe continue to mistreat passengers and get paid to do so, then I must re-evaluate my patronage and also use my voice in the Washington community to speak out against this less than civilized behavior.

I hope to speak to you soon,

Patrick D. McCoy

Performing Arts Columnist, Washington Life Magazine

Organist and Choirmaster

Trinity Episcopal Church

Washington, D. C.

Patrick D. McCoy


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