Full Circle


Today is such a humbling experience for me.  When I was in high school, my music teacher had posters of great music schools on her bulletin board announcing auditions.  Shenandoah was one of them.  I never realized my potential, so that very poster served as a dream deferred hanging on my childhood wall to this very day.  Everything happens for a reason.  I ended up at Virginia State University which truly helped me find my true center and prepared me for the next step. Having graduated from  VSU, and having taught for several years, I had a desire to pursue music graduate study. 

I applied for the program at Virginia Commonweath University.  After submitting audition materials and going through the entire process, I was told by the head of the department that I was ‘talented’ but VCU was not for me.  I was so hurt.  Moreso, the rejection came in the person of someone that I greatly admired, having sung under ‘their’ direction as a teenager.  When I was before them, unfortunately I was present but not seen.

In the summer of 2003, I auditioned for Shenandoah.  What joy felt when I got the news of my acceptance to my dream school!  Nine years later, after graduating with my MM, I have an opportunity to return as a member of the Alumni Board to share my experience with the students and University community.

I praise God for the earlier hurdle, that is now my Hallelujah!


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