A Fauré into Dubois on Good Friday 2014


Where does the time go I ask?  As most of you know, at Good Friday this time last year, I conducted the Trinity Chancel Choir (Washington, D. C.) in the Fauré ‘Requiem’ in my post as then Acting Music Director.  It is never remotely easy in any situation to introduce change, whether you are speaking about music or something as different as a new food to try.  The Chancel Choir had sung Dubois’ “The Seven Last Words of Christ” with great satisfaction on previous Good Friday concerts.   The thought may have even entered “Who is this new music director and why can’t we sing what we have always have sung?” 

Surprisingly though, that is not the sentiment that I got.  What I did get was a group of hard working singers that came to many rehearsals after church, during the week and even weekends.  The work paid off and a year ago today, The Trinity Chancel Choir and Orchestra presented the Fauré Requiem beautifully a year ago today.  I feel blessed every time I have the opportunity to serve as their music director and really hope that is communicated by the work that I try to put in.

So this is an anniversary of sorts.  I do hope you will join me tonight at 7 p.m as I conduct The Trinity Chancel Choir in “The Seven Last Words of Christ” by Théodore Dubois with soprano Angeli Ferrette, tenor Wayne Jennings, bass-baritone Shannon Steed accompanied by chamber orchestra and guest organist Edmond Charles.  Please come this time around as we make a short foray into the music of Dubois.


THE SEVEN LAST WORDS OF CHRIST-Théodore Dubois, 7. p.m

The Trinity Chancel Choir and Orchestra

Trinity Church,

7005 Piney Branch Rd., Washington, D.C. 20012


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