A New Facet of the Journey

I never would have imagined in a million years that my musical focus would change as it has.  I love to sing and I especially love to use my musical talents to the glory of God.  The year 2009 marked a new musical gift, but not performing. My writing just in a few years has taken off and has put me in places that I only wished my singing classically would have.  It has been a blessing to have met some of the world’s greatest conductors, singers and composers on this new journey of arts journalism.  In 2009 when this all began, I was in a period of great transition.  My writing all really took off during a time that I did not have a full-time job and no longer with a car.  Renting a room in a private home had me in one place, just writing away at my computer.  It’s amazing what a little adversity can do.  I was called a blogger as an insult.  That’s fine.  Today, I have written for some of the most prestigious publications including Washington Life Magazine, CBS Washington and The Afro American Newspaper.  My column the D. C. Performing Arts Examiner on Examiner.com has a loyal following and I must thank my facebook friends for sharing my work across the miles.  My writing has taken me across the country, where earlier this year I was a guest lecturer at the University of California at Irvine for The African American Art Song Alliance Conference as a guest of Darryl Taylor.  It was an a amazing experience and I thank especially my hometown of Petersburg, Virginia for their support.  As it relates to my church work, my last six years as a church musician was full of great memories and teachable lessons.  Now, there is a new road ahead that involves a return to singing and more writing!  Stay tuned!


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