Sounding off on New York’s WQXR 105.9

A few days ago, I was featured in my very first radio interview. To tell you the truth, I was nervous! Did you notice the other person in particular on the panel? Well, it was Anne Midgette, the classical music critic for The Washington Post. Anne is a veteran, a real pro in the arena of classical music. Some can take her “straight from the hip” writing and some can’t. She expresses herself freely on the subject and does not bite her tongue. That sounds like me! I was just honored to be chosen to be on the opposite side of the issue, speaking in an intelligent forum with someone that I admire greatly in this arena.

We joined Amy Frawley, Vice President of Concert Artist Guild with host Naomi Lewin on “Conducting Business.” The show was sparked by a hair-raising dress worn by concert pianist Yuja Wang for her recent performance at the “Hollywood Bowl.”

Listen to the exchange here at, look at the picture of the dress worn by Yuja Wang and judge for yourself:

Washington Post Classical Music Critic Anne Midgette is an intelligent authority in the field of classical music

This dress worn by concert pianist Yuja Wang has become the talk of the classical music world


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